4 risks in the gym to which you should be alert

Regularly attending the gym helps you to take care of your health, to improve the silhouette and the musculature, but you have to be careful, you have to be alert to certain things to prevent problems. Keep reading and discover the possible risks that you could find in the gym and how to avoid them.

Many people – among them possibly you – decide to go to the gym to get the advantages of exercise for health, like feeling good, developing the muscles and improving the figure, among many other reasons. However, the gym can sometimes hide some risks. Pay attention to these details to keep you healthy and safe:

1. Fungal infections . As we mentioned in another article of www.vak-k.com, clubs and gyms can be the ideal places for fungi to take advantage of and move from one person to another, since these microorganisms need a moist place to live and multiply. Therefore, it is very easy to contract them in places where showers are shared and perhaps towels or other personal items, such as changing rooms. In addition, when doing sports the body tends to perspire and stay more humid in certain zones, where these small and annoying invaders can easily be installed.

To avoid them, you should keep dry parts of the body that tend to be wet, such as feet and groin. Avoid walking barefoot (or) in the locker rooms of the gym or in the pools. When you sweat a lot, bathe and dry yourself carefully, especially between your toes (and do not share towels, combs or other personal items), wear cotton socks and loose, cotton-rich underwear so that it does not hold moisture, and wash the gym clothes once you finish the exercises, especially when you are very sweaty (do not use it again even if it dries).

2. Infection with other germs (bacteria and viruses) . As in other public places or where there are many people (and especially in the winter, when colds are the order of the day), in gyms you can also catch other bacteria or viruses, such as the flu virus .

Therefore, wash your hands frequently and, if you are sick or if you have a fever, do not go to the gym until you feel better: wait at least two days after having a fever, so that you can not infect others, and so that your body will be strong and ready for physical activity again.

3. Excessive weight in the machines and poor postures or movements. Sometimes anxiety makes us try harder or put more weight on the gym machines than we can handle. Other times, however, ignorance is what leads us to injure ourselves, because there are movements that seem very simple but are not.

To avoid these types of injuries and choose the right exercises for you, get advice with a trainer in the gym, ask him to correct your movements and postures, teach you to discover the muscles that you are working and which ones you should use in each exercise you propose In the same way, learn to recognize when pain is a symptom of injury and avoid hurting yourself .

4. Maintenance of machines and qualified and certified personnel. Make sure that the gym gives you the necessary safety guarantees so you can exercise quietly. For example, it corroborates that coaches are qualified and certified professionals, as many say they are, but in truth they are not. In the same way, pay attention to the hygiene and to the maintenance not only of the place but also and especially of the machines to do exercises, because a broken device can result in an unnecessary injury for you.

Now, with all this in mind you are ready to avoid these risks in the gym, prepare your favorite clothes to exercise, choose the appropriate shoes and do not waste any more time: it’s time to enjoy physical activity!

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