Is it true that the consumption of fruits and vegetables helps to prevent cancer?

For a long time, the idea that eating lots of fruits and vegetables plays an important role in cancer prevention has been emphasized. Although a diet rich in vegetables and fruits is essential for good health , one study says that there is no concrete evidence that increasing consumption of these foods protects against cancer. Here I tell you what this new study is about, which in any case does not mean that you should stop eating healthily. On the contrary, obesity, on the other hand, does increase the risk of cancer.

Whenever we talk about having good health, two indispensable components of a healthy diet come out: fruits and vegetables. If you incorporate these foods into your daily diet, surely you will be healthier in every way : you will have an adequate weight, you will help your heart’s health, you will increase your chances of having normal blood pressure and cholesterol, under control.

For a long time it was thought that even the increase in the consumption of vegetables and fruits could prevent the appearance of cancer. However, now, it turns out that there is no concrete evidence to prove that this is true.

But be careful! Do not assume that this study does not talk about the beneficial properties of fruits and vegetables. It only refers to the fact that the increase in its consumption does not seem to have a direct relation in the protection against cancer. This conclusion was reached by scientists from the University of Oxford in England, after several years of analysis of these two factors.

The study that was published in the British Journal of Cancer found that there are other elements of the diet that effectively increase the risk of developing cancer: obesity and alcohol consumption . This, without counting other habits such as smoking, which is the main cause of this condition.

People who are overweight do have a higher risk of developing cancer because they have higher levels of certain hormones that can cause this disease. And what can you do to not be overweight? Eat a healthy diet and exercise. In that sense, eating fruits and vegetables undoubtedly will benefit you and protect you from developing certain cancers that are common in obese people: breast cancer , kidney cancer , pancreatic cancerand esophageal cancer , among others.

In addition, you must eliminate excess alcohol from your diet. Not only because it contributes many calories that contribute to weight gain, but because when the body processes it, alcohol releases certain chemicals that damage cells, which increases the risk of developing cancer of the mouth, throat, breast and liver.

The key, according to the conclusions of this study, to keep cancer under control is to maintain a healthy weight and limit alcohol consumption. But I repeat: to maintain a healthy weight, it is necessary to have a healthy diet. And a healthy diet, certainly consists of several foods rich in nutrients, including fruits and vegetables.

Scientists at the Cancer Institute at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York said about these findings: “The effect of fruits and vegetables on cancer protection is not as great as previously thought.” However, it is important that they are always present in your plate to discard an important risk factor when it comes to developing cancer: overweight.

Remember that the recommendation regarding alcoholic beverages is as follows: for women, a maximum of one drink a day and for men, two drinks a day. This also helps you not to gain weight and lower your risk of developing cancer.

If you have questions about how to eat a healthier diet, you can consult other articles in Life and Health about it and of course, ask your doctor.

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